Frequently Asked Questions

What is #CYBOX?

A subscription service of exclusively designed stationery, snail mail supplies & mailable gifts with a different theme each month. It's aimed at creative planners, journal keepers, crafty memory keeping folks, handmade enthusiasts, snail mail lovers or people who fancy illustration and design and love to receive fresh supplies of stationery and mailable gifts that they can send to their penpal every month. #CYBOX offers three options to choose: SMALL, MEDIUM, and LARGE. It will be delivered straight onto your doormat every month (starting from MEDIUM option). 

How much does #CYBOX cost?

It depends based on your subscription plan. Find information about our pricing here. All prices are in USD. 

How do I join #CYBOX?

Just click on the SUBSCRIBE button and choose your subscription plan. Once your order is confirmed, you're ready to go. Easy peasy! Please note that all subscriptions will be auto renewed until you decide to cancel your subscription. 

What do I get if I subscribe to #CYBOX?

Various themed collection of stationery from greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, planners, gift tags, stickers, coloring page, notebook, coaster, badge pin, etc. You'll receive items based on your subscription plan.
SMALL: Monthly printable stationery set (PDF)
MEDIUM: Monthly printable stationery set (PDF) + 5 to 6 surprise items every month
LARGE: Monthly printable stationery set (PDF) + 8 to 9 surprise items every month
A link to download digital stationery set will be provided through email. Items are categorized by type. The quantity of items you get might be more, never less.  

Will I receive any physical items if I subscribe to SMALL option?

No, but you can make it happen. You can download and print out our digital stationery set as many times as you want! Our digital file is designed with the same amount of love and we promise you'll only receive a HIGH QUALITY printable stationery set. However, when you purchase digital items, your address will still be needed because it is default by the system. 

What is Extras?

Extras are remaining products from past boxes that we sell separately in our shop. Our extras are 100% new and often limited quantity, we just ran out of boxes for them to be included in the previous theme. We only sell our extras after the theme is over.

Will you be shipping to my country?

Yes. We are based in Singapore and will be happy to ship #CYBOX internationally.

Are there shipping fees?

Shipping is ALWAYS FREE, anywhere in the world! We make it clear for you: what you see is what you pay. 


What are my shipping options?

We ship all #CYBOX with SingPost. For orders within Singapore, we will ship using Local Ordinary Mail. For international shipping, orders are shipped using Registered Air Mail which can be tracked to ensure that your #CYBOX arrives safely and promptly to you, unless specified differently.

When do #CYBOX ship?

We ship #CYBOX on the middle week of the month (date vary). We will send you an email on the date we shipped to confirm the shipment and provide a link to your tracking information. 


When will I receive my #CYBOX?

Estimated delivery time vary from 1 to 4 business days for shipment to Singapore and 4 to 12 business days for shipment to the rest of the world. Once the orders are shipped, all circumstances are beyond our control. However, if you think your #CYBOX might be missing in action, let us know and email to hello@cybox.me

How does the recurring payment system work?

Here's how it works:
First week of the month: We announce a new #CYBOX theme through email.
Middle of the month: #CYBOX are sent out in the post and digital files are ready to be downloaded.
23rd of the month: You don't need to do a thing, your payment will be taken on this day.
Last week of the month: We reveal what's inside the #CYBOX and sell the extras individually in our shop.
NOTE: When you subscribe to any of the subscription plan, the initial payment is taken at that time—regardless of the date. If you subscribe by the 8th, you will get that month's box. If it is after the 8th, the payment will be held towards next month's box. From then on you will be re-billed on the 23th. 

What happens if I move to new address?

We send out orders for the subscriptions that are running on every 8th of the month, therefore if you wish to get this month's #CYBOX to be delivered to your new address, you will need to update your address before 8th of this month.
For example, if you update your address on 9th January, your January #CYBOX will still be sent out to your old address as it has past the 8th January. We will start sending #CYBOX to your new address from February onwards.
If you want to update your address, just Login to your account and update your information.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, no hard feelings. Just Login to your account and manage your subscription.

I have a question!

If you have any questions we haven't covered here, you can email us at hello@cybox.me