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"Digital is good, but parcels and posts are better!"


#CYBOX is a monthly subscription box service filled with exclusively designed stationery, snail mail supplies & mailable gifts. It will be delivered to your doorstep every month (starting from MEDIUM options). #CYBOX fits most letterbox so it will be delivered even if you are out.


Fellow stationery or snail mail addicts who are hungry for exclusively designed stationery, from greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, planners, gift tags, stickers, etc. etc. It's aimed at creative planners, journal keepers, crafty memory keeping folks, handmade enthusiasts, snail mail lovers or people who fancy illustration and design and love to receive fresh supplies of stationery and mailable gifts that they can send to their penpal every month. #CYBOX is also suitable for the young ones. 


A lovely themed collection every month!  From greeting cards, postcards, notebooks, planners, gift tags, stickers, coloring page, notebook, coaster, badge pin, etc. #CYBOX will have a new theme for each month so subscribers won't receive the same items again and again. The best part is that it will be a surprise and you will not know exactly what we are sending until you open it up - it feels just like receiving a little present for yourself every month!


When you subscribe to #CYBOX, every month you will receive various items based on your subscription plan.
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"Once upon a time, we sent a box...

and another one... and another one... 

and we were hooked!"

In December 2016, we started off by running a Kickstarter campaign, promoting our very first #CYBOX with the theme Noisy Nutcracker. The campaign was successfully funded and we started sending out the first #CYBOX as the rewards to our dearest backers on Kickstarter in January 2017.

We create, curate, and deliver our each box with love and passion. Our boxes are always filled with a freshly different theme every month. Most of our contents are exclusively designed just for #CYBOX subscribers, which means, you won't ever find it else where, unless you buy the extras in our shop after the theme is over. You will definitely get a much cheaper price by subscribing to #CYBOX than buying it individually. Plus, you get them first!

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About the creator & her idea...

Carolynn Yoe is an illustrator based in Singapore. As a child, she had always enjoyed filling her textbooks and walls with doodles and crayon art. Besides drawing, she loves doing snail mail and she has been snail mail-ing since she was 6, long before Facebook or any social media made it easy. She likes making her own stationery and snail mail supplies that she sends to her penfriends every now and then. She created #CYBOX as a project to share her love for illustration and snail mail through a subscription service that will bring you a box of happiness filled with exclusively designed goodies, straight onto your doormat every month.

Carolynn's daily routine includes blogging and working from her home studio where ideas are scribbled and created into existence. She has loves for dogs and confesses to collecting too many dog postcards.

P.S. Yes, snail mail still exists.
P.P.S. Carolynn always welcomes your postcard or anything that fits the mailbox!


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